Blackberries – Watkinsville Location Only!

In the summer, starting around mid-June, our blackberries are ripe and ready to pick at Washington Farms!  We have multiple delicious varieties of blackberries available to pick.  All of our blackberries are thornless and grown on trellises for easy and enjoyable picking!  We recommend bringing sunscreen and cold water for picking on hot summer days!  Join our email list and “Like” us on Facebook to be notified when we start picking this summer!

2018 Prices:

  • Pick-Your-Own: $12 (plus tax) per gallon
  • Pre-Picked: $17 (plus tax) per gallon (please call ahead to place an order)
  • Picking Bucket: $1 (plus tax) each
  • We provide one gallon buckets for your picking. After picking the berries you may empty them into containers that you bring from home or you may keep the picking bucket for $1.00 (plus tax). You can bring that bucket back next time you pick.

Planning Your Visit

Check the homepage of our website under the “Picking Conditions” and/or call the farm the night before you want to come in order to confirm that we will be picking blackberries the next day.   Please understand, we make decisions about availability on a day-to-day basis; we cannot predict, even a few days out, if we will be picking or not on any given day.

Arrive early! Most people arrive early to pick when it is cool.  We often get picked-out of blackberries early in the day and have to close the blackberry field, sometimes as early as 10am!  We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to call/check the website as well as arrive early.

Understand our summer hours: Monday – Saturday from 8am to 2pm as long as there are ripe berries in the field and the weather is good.  That being said, please know that some days we get picked-out and have to close early or we have to close for ripening.

  • Picked-Out Early: If a lot of people arrive early and pick a lot of berries, there may not be any berries left to pick later in the morning.  Therefore, we will close before the scheduled 2pm time.  However, we usually get picked-out of blackberries before blueberries each day, so make sure you get the correct information on the berries you want to pick.
  • Closed For Ripening:If we are heavily picked on any given day, we often have to be closed the next day or two to give the half-ripe berries enough sunshine to fully ripen.

As always, if you don’t plan to arrive shortly after we open, it is always best to call the farm before you drive out to make sure we will still be open and have plenty of berries to pick when you plan to arrive.  Don’t assume that if you call early in the morning we will still have berries later in the day.