Our 2016 Strawberry season will begin in mid-April!  Join ouemail list and like us on Facebook for updates!

Come join us for a fun, unique experience picking your own strawberries straight from the field! Enjoy the juicy, “fresh as it gets” fruit you can only find at your local strawberry patch! We offer both pick-your-own and pre-picked strawberries throughout the spring season which usually begins around mid-April and ends in early June. So grab your family and friends and head to the farm for an wholesome outdoor activity! You can sign up for our email list and like us on Facebook, and we will let you know when we start picking each spring!

IMG_2651We recommend calling the farm before you drive out to make sure there will still be plenty of ripe berries to pick when you arrive. Some days we could be Picked-Out Early, Closed For Ripening, or Closed Due to the weather.   You can also check our Daily Picking Conditions online.

Picked-Out: If a lot of people arrive early and pick a lot of berries, there may not be any berries left to pick later in the day. If this happens, we will close the farm before our scheduled closing time. This does not mean we are out of berries for the season. Berries ripen daily, so be sure to ask when we plan to open back up for picking!

Closed for Ripening: If we are heavily picked on any give day, we often have to be closed the next day or two to give the half-ripe berries time to fully ripen.


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