Sunday, Sept. 20th: We are OPEN from 1pm - 6pm! All of our ADMISSION TICKETS are sold ONLINE this year!! Click "BUY TICKETS" to purchase! Sunday, Sept. 20th: We are OPEN from 1pm - 6pm! All of our ADMISSION TICKETS are sold ONLINE this year!! Click "BUY TICKETS" to purchase!

School Class Field Trip Bookings:

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Admission tickets for Parents & Siblings of scheduled School Field Trip:

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Individual Weekday Guests:

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Pumpkin School Field Trips

Fall 2020 Field Trip DATES & TIMES:

DATES: September 22nd – November 6th*
DAYS: Wednesday – Friday
TIMES: 9:00am, 9:30am, & 10:00am & later.
COST: $10.00+tax per person (Ages 3 & up)

Field Trip HOURS: Our farm is open from 9:00am – 1:00pm. All farm activities close at 1pm.


For questions or to schedule over the phone, call the farm at (706) 769-0627


What’s Included?

The students will be involved in an interactive EDUCATIONAL TALK, geared to their age level, about how we grow pumpkins here on the farm!  Topics include: Soil preparation and the farm equipment used! Pollination and the role of bees in farming! The role of leaves in photosynthesis! The basic needs of a plant! How fruit matures and ripens!

You can also enjoy OVER 16 fun activities on your field trip to Washington Farms! Check out our Fun Field Trip Activities below! 

Stroll through our PETTING ZOO and see bunnies, goats, pigs, peacocks, a turkey, miniature donkeys, and baby chicks! Spend some time jumping on our JUMPING PILLOWS! Enjoy a fun WAGON RIDE around the farm! Visit the PUMPKIN PATCH to see the vines, blossoms, and PICK OUT a MINI PUMPKIN to take home!

Each student will take home a MINI PUMPKIN of their own, a GARDEN IN A GLOVE (if you choose to do this activity), a BROCHURE with information about other FUN ACTIVITIES at Washington Farms, and a COUPON to return to the farm one weekend with their family!

Also available are our Picnic Lunch Area, Photo Ops, and Full service Restrooms. 🙂

**It is a good idea to find out if any of your students have allergies to animals, hay, etc. It may be best if they only look at the animals instead of touching to prevent an unwanted reaction. **

Petting Zoo

Wagon Rides

Jumping Pillows

Educational Pumpkin Talk

Mini Pumpkin Patch

Garden in a Glove

Hippity Hops

Ball Toss


Giant Pirate Ship

Duck Races


Kiddie Playground


Tricycle Track

Giant Rocking Chair


Human Foosball

Giant Swing

Cost and Payment


CHILDREN:  $10.00+tax per person (Ages 3 & up)

TEACHERS: One teacher free per 10 paying students.  Additional teachers, paraprofessionals, and bus drivers are $10 (+tax) per person.

CHAPERONES/PARENTS: $10 (+tax) per person.

MINIMUM: 10 paying students.  We require a $100 minimum payment for all field trips.

RESCHEDULING FEE: If necessary, we will reschedule your field trip once at no charge.  Additional reschedules: $20 unless field trip canceled due to weather.
If your group is tax exempt, please email a copy of your tax exempt certificate to prior to the day of your field trip.  If we do not have one on file before the field trip, you will be charged tax.  The tax exemption will only apply to children and teachers paid through the school.  


You may bring cash, a check, or a school credit card on field trip day OR we can invoice your school.
Payment for students must be made in one transaction. Please collect money before arriving at the farm.
Adult chaperones and siblings must pay separately upon arrival.









Things to Remember

1.  Make sure the time, date, and location of your field trip is clearly communicated to all teachers, bus drivers, and parents.  We have two farms, but only one location (Watkinsville) is open in the fall!

2.  Have an accurate head count of all students before arriving at the farm.

3.  Arrive Early!  You will need to arrive 15 minutes before your field trip start time to ensure you will be able to do all the activities planned for your field trip.  If students need a bathroom break upon arrival, make sure to arrive earlier.

4.   The field trip usually takes around 1.5 -2 hours

5.   ALL Field Trip activities & area will CLOSE at 1pm.

What to Bring

1.  Sharpies (2-3 per class) to write each child’s name on their pumpkin
2.  Payment
3.  Baby wipes and hand sanitizer
4.  Water bottles or other drinks
5.  Box or crate to take pumpkins home
6.  Lunch or Snack
7.  First aid kit, Benadryl and/or anti-itch cream, etc.

More Info

 Dress appropriately for a day on the farm – tennis shoes, sunscreen, etc.

We have full service restrooms with a changing table available.

It’s a great idea to have each class wear a different color shirt. This helps us visually locate a class if someone arrives late.

Name tags with the child’s school and a teacher’s phone number. If the child gets separated from the group, we can easily contact the teacher and reunite them with the class.


Inclement Weather

If rain is predicted, you have a couple of options.

1.  We recommend waiting until the morning of the field trip to make a decision about whether or not to come. So often, the forecast is incorrect and the rain may hold off until after the field trip. If it still looks like it may rain that morning, you can call us (as early as 6:00am) to cancel or reschedule. If we feel that the weather will be poor, we will call you in the morning to reschedule.

2.  We understand that sometimes waiting until the last minute is not an option. You can cancel or reschedule if you feel necessary based on the weather forecast. If this is the case, please call us to let us know of your decision so we can try to find a day and time to reschedule.

Schedule Your Fall Field Trip Now!

  • This will allow us to share your field trip information and resources with all attending teachers once your field trip in confirmed.
  • We understand that you won't know for sure until the day of your field trip. We would like to have a general idea of how many adults you anticipate coming so we can plan accordingly!
  • Choosing a date and time: Please consider bus availability, school testing dates, holidays, etc. The time you select will be the 'start time' of your field trip. Please be able to arrive 15 minutes before the start time for check-in and unloading. If you are coming from far away or have very young students, please take this into account and arrive 30 minutes early for a bathroom break.
  • 1st CHOICE for Field Trip

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  • 3rd CHOICE for Field Trip

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    DAYS: Wednesday - Friday DATES : Sept. 23rd - Nov. 6th
  • Additional Information

  • IMPORTANT: You MUST wait for the CONFIRMATION page in order for your submission to be completely sent! If you do not receive an automated email confirming your submitted field trip request, then we did not receive your submission. If you have NOT heard back from us within 48 hours, please call us to book your field trip! Call 706-769-0627 ext. 3. Or you can email us at: Thanks so much!

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