Returning Staff Employment Application

Hey there!!!
We are so excited & grateful that you want to come back and work at the farm with us again! đŸ™‚ We hope that we can offer everyone a job position this season, however, please know that filling out this application does not guarantee you a job position this fall at our farm. Based on your performance during the previous season(s), we may not have a position for you this season. Thank you for understanding!


RETURNING FALL Employee Application

  • Contact Information

  • Please know that we try to place staff in an area / activity that they enjoy, but we cannot guarantee that you will always be able to work your preferred area every shift. Thank you for understanding and for being a team player!
  • Availability and Schedule

  • Our part-time positions are seasonal, but do require a minimum amount of availability to be considered.
  • For weekday Mornings (Tuesday-Friday): A minimum of two morning shifts is required (if you're available and want to work during the week)
  • For weekends (Friday-Sunday): A minimum of 2-3 shifts is required.
  • The more you are available to work, the more likely you are to be hired again!
  • Please list any dates which you are unavailable to work from Saturday, September 25th to Sunday, November 7th (Keep in mind: football games, homecoming, hunting, birthdays, family gatherings, fall travel, etc.)
  • Why you want to work with us again:





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