Season: June & July 

Blackberries: You can call the farm to place your Pre-Picked Blackberry order! Pricing is $7 a quart. Bogart Farm: 706-769-0627

Ice Cream and Kettle Corn: On the days that we are open, we will have our Washington Farms Homemade Ice Cream and kettle corn available for purchase!

Summer HOURS:

All hours are subject to change due to weather and crop availability!

Some days we could be closed for ripening, or closed due to the weather. You should always call the farm and check before you drive out!




Not sure what some of our wording means? Here’s our ‘farm words’ explained:

Pre-Picked Berries: If you would like to get your strawberries already picked, we highly recommend that you call the farm and place an order.  We cannot guarantee pre-picked berries unless you call and speak with one of our team members to place your order.  We cannot take orders through Facebook, email, or on the answering machine.


Picked-Out: If a lot of people come out and pick a lot of berries, there may not be any more ripe berries left to pick later in the day. If this happens, we will close the farm before our scheduled closing time. This does not mean we are out of berries for the season! Berries ripen daily, so be sure to ask when we plan to open back up for picking!


Closed for Ripening:  If we are heavily picked on any given day, we often have to be closed the next day or two to give the half-ripe berries time to fully ripen.

Tips for your visit

1. Check the “Today’s Picking Conditions” and/or call the farm before you drive out to confirm that we will be picking blackberries! Please understand, we make decisions about availability on a day-to-day basis; we cannot predict, even a few days out, if we will be picking or not on any given day.


2. Arrive early! Most people arrive early to pick when it is cool.  We often get picked-out of blackberries early in the day and have to close the blackberry field, sometimes as early as 10am!  We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to call/check the website as well as arrive early.


3. Understand our summer hours: Monday – Saturday from 8am to 2pm as long as there are ripe berries in the field and the weather is good.  That being said, please know that some days we get picked-out and have to close early or we have to close for ripening.


4. We always recommend bringing sunscreen and water for picking on hot summer days! We sell homemade strawberry ice cream and drinks to help you stay cool outside, but you’re always welcome to bring your own water and snacks! You can also bring a cooler to keep the berries fresh in your car! A hot car will cause the berries to go bad quickly, so bring a cool container to keep them in after picking.




















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