Pumpkin Patch (Watkinsville Only)

At Washington Farms, we provide a unique opportunity to stroll through our pumpkin patch and choose your very own pumpkin! We have wheelbarrows available for pumpkins that are too big to carry or if you would like to purchase a lot! You’ll find pumpkins of all sizes!  For many families and individuals, a trip to our pumpkin farm becomes a yearly tradition!

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About our Pumpkins

There is no charge to visit the pumpkin patch. You simply pay for any pumpkins you pick.

  • Carving Pumpkins: Most of the pumpkins we grow are carving pumpkins, and they range in size. They are generally the size of a basketball, and are perfect for decorations, carving, and much more. They are individually weighed and priced accordingly. You can go out in the field and choose your very own!
  • Pie Pumpkins: We also grow pie pumpkins which are about the size of a softball. They are used for baking and decorating.
  • Mini Pumpkins and Gourds: Our mini pumpkins, which are actually gourds, are perfect for decorating, crafts, and more!
  • Prize Winners: Our large prizewinners are so big that grown men can’t even pick them up! They are grown out in the field with the rest of the pumpkins.
  • In addition to pumpkins, we offer an assortment of delicious jams and butters. Some of the fall favorites are Apple Butter, Pumpkin Butter, Strawberry Preserves, and Blackberry Preserves.