Come GET LOST in our 6.5 acre CORN MAZE!


No Outside Food Allowed     All Forms Of Payment Accepted at Admissions, Concessions, Etc. 


Grab your family and friends! Leave the house, television, and video games behind, and come GET LOST in our 6.5 acre corn maze!
While you’re making your way through the maze, you can try to solve clues that help you find your way out! We also have staff throughout the maze to help you out if you are directionally challenged!
You can try to figure out the brainteaser ‘Corn’undrums scattered along the way or just enjoy the company of your friends as you stroll leisurely through the corn!


All Forms Of Payment Accepted at Admissions, Concessions, Etc. 


















Our Corn Maze!

Our 2018 Corn Maze highlighted CELEBRATING 25 YEARS of Washington Farms! Our corn maze design changes every year. Come on out and enjoy our 6.5 acre corn maze! Awesome slides are at the entrance and bridges in the maze that you can walk up on for a view!

You can also come AT NIGHT and try your luck doing our maze IN THE DARK! Check our hours & prices page for more!
Hope to see ya at the farm soon!


Fall Information

 >  Everyone must purchase a general admission wristband to enter the back of the farm where all the activities are located, including the corn maze and sunflower field. Even if you do not want to participate in the activities, you will need to purchase an admission wristband to be admitted to the back of the farm.



 >  All Forms Of Payment Accepted at Admissions, Concessions, Etc. 


 >  No Outside Food Allowed


 >  No Pets Allowed


 >  No Smoking or Vaping Allowed




What’s Special About Our Maze

Our corn maze is designed each year with a different theme! There are approximately 1.5 – 2 miles of paths through the corn maze and we have clues throughout the maze to help you find your way.  If you correctly answer the clues, it will send you in the right direction. If you don’t get it right, you will be heading in the wrong direction and will most likely pass by the same clue again!

There are two bridges that are above the corn and part of the maze design.  As you cross the bridges you can see over the maze! To start the maze, you can slide down a 30 foot slide or simply walk in!

Tips For Your Trip Through The Maze

The maze can be hot during the day. Be sure to bring or buy some water!


The corn maze has a new design each year!


We are a family run farm, and we have many families with young children that come out to the farm. We ask that you show consideration for others while on the farm and respect our no alcohol, smoking, or bad language policies. If you have been drinking, you will not be permitted in the maze or on the farm.  No refunds are given.

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